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The Tentas™ Camping Air Mattress

The Tentas™ Camping Air Mattress

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The camping air mattress provides more comfort and more enjoyment for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, climbing, etc.

✔ Made of lightweight breathable nylon TPU material, skin-friendly, water-repellent, and durable in use.

✔ Fits for a single person

✔ Good for laying out on a tent, lawn, beach, etc.

✔ One inflation valve and one deflation valve, convenient for inflation and deflation

✔ No pump required. The air mattress can be inflated quickly by foot. Open the deflation valve to quickly deflate the air

✔ The raised points and air cushion provide better support and comfort for the body and head

✔ With a carrying bag, easy to carry and store.


Relax wherever you go


Treat yourself to the best vacation experience.

From cozy sitting in the park to cozy sleep after climbing, this mattress will be your faithful companion in any situation.

Recommended by campers

Camping air mattress is one of the most important things on your camping checklist for your health

A sleeping mat is almost as important as a sleeping bag because it is what separates you from the cold ground.

When you lie in your sleeping bag, the insulation is compressed so that it can no longer hold the warm air, as most of it is pushed outwards. There is nothing to retain the heat, which is then released to the ground by conduction. The floor will not warm up to your temperature, which means it will absorb your heat - by conduction - until you are at the same temperature, and that can be very dangerous.


This is where sleeping mats come in, creating a non-compressible layer of air that separates the body from the ground.


Slight inflation and deflation


✔ No pump required

✔ Quickly inflate the air mattress with your foot using a kick sponge

✔ Quick inflation saves time and effort

✔ The first layer is a one-way inflation system that prevents air leaks

✔ Opening the second layer allows quick deflation


A reliable mattress for continuous use


✔ Nylon fabric and TPU material form a double layer of protection against moisture and temperature.

✔ The edge of the air cushion is heat-sealed and can support the weight of several people without bursting and without air escaping

✔ The diamond-shaped design of the air tube "massages" the body while the internal air pressure improves comfort

Small and portable package


The camping air mattress comes with a carry bag, so it's easy to transport and store wherever you go - the park, the beach, the car, or hiking.


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Dianne Iverson

Great..good matress